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Global and LCC Sourcing 




Everyone is interested in reducing cost, but finding and engaging the best suppliers around the world provides a challenge for your business.

Sometimes it may seem difficult, but the rewards can be substantial and make all the difference to your competitive position.



  • How do you find the best suppliers?
  • How do you manage the inbound supply chain?
  • How do you navigate different business cultures and regulations?
  • How do you assure quality?
  • How do you build lasting supplier relationships?
  • How do you manage the additional risk of dealing with remote suppliers?
  • How do you benefits from lower cost sourcing without adding cost and risk elsewhere in your business?

With extensive experience of global sourcing a wide range of componentry for a global, market leading manufacturing company (£300M spend/80000 items), we know how to solve these challenges.

From designing logistics solutions to understanding which products to source where - we can help establish or develop your global sourcing ambitions.


LCC (Low Cost Country) Sourcing

globeinhandsAs part of our experience sourcing high technology engineered parts to deliver savings of over £20M from low cost countries, we have built practical and extensive experience of how to establish and operate an effective low cost country sourcing programme.

Our experience is focused on Asia (China, Taiwan and Korea) as well as central Europe (including Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland and Romania).

We have learnt the hard way and so know which pitfalls to avoid.

Establishing a low cost country sourcing programme is not a quick fix, but if done well can become part of doing normal business and an effective way of making a step change improvement to costs.

We believe it is important to take a holistic approach to LCC sourcing ensuring that

  • You gain support from stakeholders.
  • You understand 'total' costs of supply correctly.
  • You assess the risks and have plans in place to mitigate against them.
  • You build a consistent project and programme management process to manage all aspects of LCC sourcing.
  • You have efficient processes in place for managing all aspects of supply (logistics, quality, tax/customs, planning, specification change control).
  • You can manage the impact of resourcing on existing suppliers.
  • You build the right structure and capabilities within your procurement team.
  • You know how to manage the impact of raw material and currency fluctuation.
  • You have a clear methodology for tracking benefits.

We can help design your low cost country sourcing programme - alternatively if you would like us to source specific products we have a proven network of suppliers and local partners that can accelerate your own sourcing programme.

In terms of sourcing specific items we have expertise in the following categories.

  • High Precision CNC machined componentry (HMC/turned/ground).
  • Engineering castings (Al and CI - Pressure die/gravity die/low pressure/airset/shell/greensand disamatic).
  • Sheet metal and Fabrications (CNC pressings/fabrications/painting and assembly).
  • Bearings (Industrial and Super Precision) and Gears.
  • Elastomeric seals (static and dynamic).
  • Plastic mouldings.
  • Electrical cabling, connectors and looms.
  • PCA and PCB (surface mount and through hole).
  • Packaging and printing.

If your requirements are not listed above, please get in touch as the above is not an exhaustive list. Alternatively we may be able to advise you on which commodity specialists can support your needs.

If you need further information, please refer to some of our case study material from previous assignments or get in touch using our feedback form or by calling Paul Kimber on +44(0)781 484 0133. Thank you.