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Solutions for Smaller Businesses 

goldfishesTo develop your business you need to focus on your customers and ensure you can deliver their requirements, flawlessly.

Managing cash flow is critical but controlling costs and margins is equally critical. After all today's customers are becoming more demanding and you want to ensure that your business remains profitable and can reach its full potential.

A high proportion of your costs may be associated with indirect and direct suppliers, but you may not have the specialist expertise to get the most from your suppliers and dont have the time or resources to dedicate to purchasing and the supply chain.

Have you wondered if you are getting the best deal from your suppliers or whether you could work with them in a more productive way?

Whilst you may not have the scale to commit permanent resources to purchasing or have struggled to recruit someone with the breadth of experience you need - you know that bottom line improvements can be made.

iProcure Solutions has a range of different services to address many of these issues and is committed to work with you in a way that meets your requirements - delivering results and insight that can drive your business forward.


1. iProcure iNsight

Larger organisations use specialised approaches such as category management and spend analysis to unlock savings opportunities and develop relationships with key suppliers to add value.

Whilst these are undoubtly effective, completing the underpinning data analysis and developing specialist supply market knowledge takes time and resources, putting them out of reach for many small businesses.

iProcure iNsight helps meet this need by bringing professional procurement expertise to bear through the application of a standard, low cost methodology - using company data which you provide.

iProcure iNsight will help show you where savings can be achieved and how to go about doing this.

iProcure iNsight will help you understand the relationships you have with your suppliers and how to change these for the better. Know when you should build a win win position with your suppliers, and when you should consider resourcing

iProcure iNsight will help you understand how to improve the performance of your suppliers.

How Does it Work?

Step 1. Both parties agree to a non-disclosure agreement to ensure that confidentiality is maintained.

Step 2. We send you a simple template that is used to collect key information about your business. This takes the form of financial/quantitative data as well as qualititative information such as performance

Step 3. We analyse the responses you send back to us and prepare a report for your business identifying future opportunities and strategic options for you to consider.


2. iProcure Contract Advisor

Your business may be trying to win lucrative contracts with larger public or private sector organisations, but needs to know how navigate through the complex tendering/bid requirements required of larger enterprises.

Often the process is time consuming and knowing how to position your proposal and deal with qualification, shortlisting, auction and contract requirements is key.

iProcure Solutions can work with you to provide advice on how to manage the process, providing insight from the buyer's point of view and helping you engage with your key customer stakeholders to help you achieve greater success with the bid process.

We can provide specialist advice at key parts of the bid process, to keep fees low and also work with you on your negotiating strategy if required.


Of course iProcure Solutions can provide more traditional consultancy or interim support (COO, CPO, Project Management) but we have tailored the two services above specifically to meet the needs of small organisations.

For more information or to discuss how we can help, please call Paul Kimber on +44(0)781 484 0133 or +44(0)1903 682000 or use our feedback form to get in touch