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Solutions for Private Equity Investors 

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As a private equity investor you will always demand a high return.

Finding the right company to invest in is clearly crucial.

Ensuring that you can add substantial value, protect your investment and position it for eventual sale is equally critical.

iProcure Solutions can help you do this by bringing specialist procurement and supply chain skills and expertise to bear. Focusing in improving spend and supplier management is a proven way to add value and deliver benefits for you.

  • Identify and implement savings and cash improvement opportunities on the supplier side of the business.
  • Achieve results quickly with minimal capital outlay.
  • Improve all aspects of supplier performance (delivery, cost, quality, risk, service, responsiveness).
  • Build strong supplier relationships that can help provide a competitive edge and encourage innovation.
  • Build internal capabilities and ensure that the procurement operation is efficient and effective.

iProcure Solutions has the expertise to help you throughout the pre and post sale process.


As part of a due diligence process, we can work with you to assess the current way of working within the company today and identify the potential for realising future opportunities.

  • Analysing existing spend to understand category opportunities.
  • Assess the existing procurement operation, its skills, capabiilties and performance.
  • Understand how well the existing function contributes to overall company performance.
  • Identify supply side risks (commercial and operational) that could influence future returns.
  • Analyse the potential for future cash and cost improvement that could be developed post sale.


Once the sale has been completed, iProcure Solutions can help accelerate the delivery of supply side benefits.

  • Organisational development/restructuring (taking the lead as an interim CPO if appropriate).
  • Building a procurement strategy and roadmap to show how to implement improvements.
  • Lead individual programmes or projects (sourcing, process improvement) to increase capacity of existing team.
  • Develop and implement a transformation programme for procurement.
  • Conduct detailed spend and opportunity analysis as part of a functional audit.

iProcure Solutions - A Flexible Partner

Having worked for and with PE companies in the past, we understand the need to make the changes required to deliver superior performance.

This can be achieved in a flexible way, by tailoring the support you need in a number of ways.

  • Focused consultancy support, providing specialist, practical, in depth expertise.
  • Project and Programme Management - from design to execution - we can provide the additional capability you require.
  • Interim support - practical hands-on support to lead, manage and deliver results.

Please use our feedback form or get in touch today with Paul Kimber on +44(0)781 484 0133 or +44(0)1903 682000 to discuss your requirements.