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Expertise and Credentials


iProcure Solutions, a specialist consultancy company was established by Paul Kimber BSc BEng (Hons) MBA MCIPS.

Having led the transformation of the Procurement function of a dynamic, global, market leading company, Paul wanted to apply his extensive experience and knowledge of Procurement, Supply Chain and Operations Management to help other organisations overcome their own unique challenges - becoming a trusted partner in the process.

As a specialist firm, we believe we have a number of qualities that set us apart from traditional consultancy companies and other contractors.



We can off a high degree of flexibility to suit clients preferences for different ways of working.

From consultancy, embedded interim services to project and programme management we can work how you want us to. Part time, full time or on demand with fees structured on results, risk reward or fixed rates, we believe that we can find a way of working that meet your needs.

With a flexible approach and low overhead costs, iProcure Solutions, allows you to access advice, guidance and resources that normally would be available only from large consultancy companies, helping to put powerful expertise within reach of small and medium sized enterprises.



Our recommendations are not just theoretical but are practical and based on sound business experience.

Having dealt with similar problems in the past, we understand the organisational, political, commercial and operational constraints that have to be overcome and will work with you to ensure that plans and solutions are sustainable and effective.


Strategic Insight

Having previously led large teams and functions in senior leadership positions we have the hard won experience of building effective strategies that work. Combined with strong academic and professional qualifications we know how to successfully guide the development of your Procurement, Supply Chain or Operations function.


Holistic Approach

Procurement and Supply chain teams cannot operate in isolation.

With direct experience of managing large operations teams, leading quality and materials management functions, collaborating with technical staff and product development teams and leading large global change programmes - we know the pressures and challenges that different parts of the business face - first hand.

We think that this helps us bring a different perspective to tackling Procurement and Supply chain issues and ensures that we can maximise support from different stakeholders for our proposed solutions. Ensuring that Procurement is aligned to business requirements and deals with the complexities evident in today's challenging business environment is crucial.


Network of Partners

Where we feel that we need extra support either in terms of additional capacity, local knowledge or complimentary technical experience we can call on an extensive network of proven partners who can provide additional support as required. By using specialist resources on demand, we don't carry high overheads so can provide high value-added services.



We have provided some case studies of our work so you can understand the range of services and solutions we can provide.

We are happy to provide references and testimonials on request, if needed.

Please feel free to get in touch if you need more information