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Category Management 



Category Management is a proven approach for organising and managing your spend.

Successful category management depends on executing clear sourcing and category strategies that are aligned to business requirements.

With provision of good data and knowledgable category managers who can develop, launch and execute practical project plans, it is possible to improve many facets of Procurement and Supply Management. 



  • Improve bottom line savings.
  • Prioritise resources effectively.
  • Simplify supplier management.
  • Manage supply risk and protect critical commercial interests.
  • Improve support and buy-in from key stakeholders.

Often matrixed with other product based, divisional or functional teams, Category Management is a simple idea but difficult to make work effectively.

iProcure Solutions has experience of setting up strategic category management teams at a regional and global level (as part of a wider procurement transformation programme).

Additionally we have developed strategic category business plans to deliver up to 50M Euro of benefits, and have experience of developing enabling processes, people and structures.

If you want to know more or feel that you could benefit from our expertise in Category Management, please get in touch using our feedback form or call Paul Kimber on +44(0)781 484 0133.

(For your information, we have included some case study material from past assignments, including strategic category management acceleration).